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I have not made a purchase, however from the looks of thier "luxury" watches... All of the Rolex, Audemars Piguet, omega, breitlings, etc all look fake. I would NOT buy a watch from this site

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I have purchased several watches from TOM . They ultimately arrived and appear to be authentic.The prices I paid were very attracrive. I have 2 cpmplaints: 1.The shipping method (Fed EX Ground only option) is totally unreasonable. I order frequently online from many companies. I have never encountered such a delay. I thought that FedEX had stopped using covered wagons for delivery long ago, but apparently not. It took over a month to get my... Read more

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Touch Of Modern - Not bad, but could be better!
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I've purchased several items from TOM. A bracelet which I wear all the time made from onyx/fossil and stainless is a beautiful piece, no problems. I bought a ring, a pen box (which I use for my Straight Razors) and a knife as well. Knife is made in China, but it was only 15.00 and looks great, and works great. Box is made in China as well, but looks pretty awesome. The ring had a small blemish in the side but still looks great. Just... Read more

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I first started buying from TOM about a year and a half ago. I wasn't so sure about the website where you have to have a log in to see what an item is and pricing. There are no fees to sign up. I have purchased several different items from watches, to power cords, to wall art. I agree with many posts shipping can be delayed. I believe the delays are because after a sale is closed which is about 5 days after posting they send the bulk order to... Read more

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They might be the best thing out there, I don't know because I can't look at their site without entering an email address

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I ordered a small modern alarm clock from this company and it simply does not work. It did not even turn on. I also tried to order a very expensive watch from them and they deducted the money from my card and stated that the product could take months to send. I had to cancel payment and threaten legal action after no responses from the company. The customer service number they provide is ALWAYS a recording and no one EVER picks up. I'm sure it... Read more

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The product was mislabeled, unsuitable. Response from customer service clumsy. Full refund for their mistake not offered. The product was mislabeled, had it correctly been labeled, I would not have ordered it, as it was unsuitable. They did not respond to the complete, only offered credit for all but my postage (yes site says credit only on returns) but as it was their error, should I be victim for cost of postage, and not get a full refund... Read more

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Do not purchase their bluetooth ear piece. I worked for a week and then will no longer would connect with any device. I was hesitant to purchase at first with their stated "no return policy". I should listen to my instincts . In business myself I alway take back an item. If you don't accept returns, it just showed that you don't believe what you sell. Screw these people. Do not waste your money or time with this company!!!! If this is the last... Read more

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Ok im about to leave on a long trip and i wanted to get my relative a nice gift and present it when i got there. I got this lovely 45$ candle which looks really cool from touch of modern. When it arrived it was all melted and cracked and beat the heck up cuz of the heat where i live but me being me i didnt report it to touch of modern right away. Now that i finally got around to doing so, i read thier return policy and they said anything that... Read more

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If you have to return something you need to contact them. They do not list a phone number on their website and they don't answer the one listed here. After weeks, when I could return the item I was told that I had a credit that I could use in future purchases. There is no process to use that balance, after a few more purchases it is still there. I sent them an email and a few weeks later I received an answer telling me how much I have... Read more

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