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I ordered 3 weeks ago special Valentines flowers for my wife of 19 years. HEre is the description:

"Show that special someone in your life just how you feel this Valentine's Day with this Kenyan Rose Bouquet, featuring two dozen fresh, long stem roses".

Not only did they not show up. I called 3x today and was told they would. When they NEVER showed up, I was offered a credit (duh) and a WAIT FOR IT... a $10.00 gift card.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. I have spent over $15,000 in 3 years with them and they want me to say to my wife:

"sorry honey, I ordered you beautiful Valentines Day flowers but instead here is a $10.00 gift card".


Then, when I had "Matt" on the phone and I asked to speak with his manager, he actually had the nerve to say..'I don't have a manager".

GOODBYE TOUCH OF MODERN. See ya on the flipside of Chapter 11.

Product or Service Mentioned: Touch Of Modern Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: CALL ME.

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You will be there beside them in bankruptcy court ; who spends 15k on flowers ? My wife and I have declared Valentine's Day a "Hallmark Holiday" not worthy of observance.

Right down there with "Sweetest Day" "Kwanzaa" and many of the others. Problem solved.


He did not say he spent $15k for flowers alone over 15 years! He stated that he has spent $15k in 3 years...meaning overall total...for I am sure multiple items.


correction....$15k for flowers alone over 3 years.


Please read my comment. What i said was " I have spent $15k with Touch Of Modern".

The order was $115. #idiot

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