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Ridiculous. I made a purchase for a set of Puma men's underwear on June 30, 2013.

I waited, waited... no word on it being shipped. I finally contacted them for a status update. They apologized for the delay saying that they had to wait till the entire sale on the item was completed and THEN submit to the supplier, then they ship to Touch of Modern, then THEY ship to the buyers...

in this day and age?? So I waited longer... I contacted them again to ask for another update. Now today I get an email that Puma is not going to be able to complete the order so they are canceling and refunding.

So I'm not going to get my order at all.

That's my last dealing with TOM, and I'm letting people know to avoid them.

*** business model these days, and not worth the headache.

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New York, New York, United States #810376

I order a bracelet, and the bracelet that arrived was not as advertised. In fact, it was a defected product, as the gold plating that was suppose to be a major piece of the product was not present on the design.

It made the purchase value well below what was paid.

Another item in the order, a wallet, was delayed in shipping for over a month. No customer service surrounding this delay whatsoever. I happen to have found out that new company's that sell in a flash sale through Touch of Modern, receive their orders, then make the products that are being advertised from scratch. No overhead, no loss.

Pretty interesting scam. Should we call it a "Modern" scam?


I ordered a watch and after several week they sent me the wrong watch. They claimed that they had to get the correct one from the designer but the designer wasn't getting back to them.

However, I had no problem getting a hold of the designer.

They never tried to send me what I ordered. I understand their biz model, but it is their fault that they sent the wrong item and not making it right.

Very poorly run company.

Los Angeles, California, United States #746803

Same problems with TOM - waited 6 weeks still no items - ordered over $300 worth of art prints - the tracking number was submitted to me a week ago and it still states the vendor has not initiated to shipment. These guys take $ then buy products and ship them - its a scheme I would avoid purchasing stuff from them.

i have had much much better experiences with Fab and HauteLook I would look towards them or other more reputable sites. Also check out there BBB they already have complaints up AND it seems like Fab had sued them for trademarking disputes..

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada #734363

I've been waiting 6 weeks for the watch I ordered. This is unacceptable. What horrible customer service.

Portland, Oregon, United States #714854

I'm experiecing the same thing with an order I placed on Aug 18th. It's now September 10th....

no word. The sale ended weeks ago.

Ridiculous timeframe. This company isn't going to last.

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